Dan Fowler Kansas City

2nd District in District City Council

Dan Fowler, a longtime Northland resident, is ready and poised to represent constituents in Kansas City’s 2nd District Council seat. He has been involved in public service for more than 25 years and is committed to creating safe and vibrant neighborhoods that will attract families and businesses to the Northland.

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Career Accomplishments

In addition to his extensive community service, Dan has practiced law in the Kansas City area for more than 30 years and is currently a member of Collins Fowler LLC specializing in general commercial litigation, construction litigation, general business law and family law. He is a graduate of Kansas State University and Georgetown University Law Center.

In addition to his many career accomplishments, Dan Fowler is a proud father and grandfather.



Jobs are vital to Kansas City’s future. With its rapidly developing high-tech infrastructure, Kansas City is ideally suited to encourage high-tech manufacturing, distribution and warehousing. Kansas City is a national center for transportation and there are many opportunities for business development near KCI airport and surrounding areas. Now is the time to begin discussions on developing a high–tech industrial park and high-tech zone around KCI.

With the development of these business arenas, it is important that the city partner with its educational institutions to prepare the next generation to compete and fill those high-tech positions.

It is also necessary to improve public transportation in the Northland with better roads, improved bridges and better access to multiple forms of transportation.


Building, protecting and revitalizing our neighborhoods should be among our highest priorities as they are the foundation of our great city.

In order to provide sustainable neighborhoods that will attract families to the Northland, I will work to increase code enforcement efforts in the Northland. As a community, we need to explore ways to increase code enforcement on repeat offenders and non-resident landlords who refuse to bring their properties to a minimum standard of decency.

As a community we must engage in block-by-block revitalization with both public/private partnerships and non-profit community development corporations to ensure that codes are enforced, sidewalks and streets are improved and safe, abandoned houses are removed and there is an increase in police/fire protection response times.


One of the largest barriers to development in Kansas City is the permit process. We need to let developers and those wanting to bring business to Kansas City know that we are “open for business”. I will work with city council and city staff to help remove this barrier to development.

Kansas City has a thriving arts community. It has an extensive developable land mass and an active non-profit community. Its future needs to be built on these strengths.


One of Kansas City’s strengths is the growth of entrepreneurship. We have to streamline the processes in which businesses do business in our city. We have to become more business friendly.

We have to continue supporting new tech companies with the infrastructure necessary to ensure their success.

We need to make sure we grow and maintain our companies in Kansas City and not let Kansas poach our businesses.


In order to attract new business and families to the Northland, we have to ensure that we work with police enforcement to understand and eliminate crime in our region. We need to drastically improve response times for police and fire protection.

We will soon have a new police station near Ambassador Drive. The police station will serve as a full justice center with a courtroom and holding facility to minimize travel time for the police and the public.


My goal is to increase workforce training in the Northland. As more businesses expand into our region, we’ll need to partner with school districts and educational institutions to expand job training opportunities so our residents can fill these employment needs.

In addition to an increase in job training opportunities, I will make it my priority to partner with community groups to provide our youth with constructive groups and activities on a regular basis.

Neighborhood Connections

The 2nd District has a thriving trail system that allows neighborhoods to be connected with their surrounding areas. In addition to a well-connected trail, I will partner with the community to create more community centers in the 2nd district for all residents to enjoy.