About Dan Fowler

Dan Fowler, longtime Northland resident, is ready and poised to represent constituents in Kansas City’s 2nd District Council seat. He has been involved in public service for more than 25 years and is committed to creating safe and vibrant neighborhoods that will attract families and businesses to the Northland.

At a glimpse, Dan is committed to the following policy ideas that will revitalize the Northland.


  • Encourage high tech manufacturing, distribution and warehousing at KCI/RG
  • Encourage local training and hiring to incentivized projects
  • Provide incentives to people and quality jobs to Kansas City


  • More neighborhood/community centers with trails and walking paths to connect neighborhoods
  • Increase code enforcement
  • Encourage public/private partnerships with non-profit community development corporations


  • Provide incentives to remove blight
  • Encourage development that increases density


  • Community policing
  • Build police station and courtroom in the 2nd district


  • Pre-K programming
  • Increase training for tech jobs

In addition to his extensive community service, Dan has practiced law in the Kansas City area for more than 30 years and is currently a member of Collins Fowler LLC specializing in general commercial litigation, construction litigation, general business law and family law. He is a graduate of Kansas State University and Georgetown University Law Center.
In addition to his many career accomplishments, Dan Fowler is a proud father and grandfather.