Dan Fowler Kansas City

2nd District in District City Council

Dan Fowler was elected to serve the residents of the 2nd District of Kansas City, Missouri in June of 2015. Since taking office, Councilman Fowler has worked for Northland families and their interests– promoting new jobs, strengthening neighborhoods, eliminating blight, improving roads and bridges, and ensuring effective, transparent government.


Councilman Fowler has been a leader on Northland issues, attracting families and businesses to the Northland through these accomplishments:

  • Helped broker the  deal to bring a new Costco north of the River
  • Sponsored the Platte Purchase Redevelopment District, which pays for and maintains new roads, flood control, and new trail system around Costco and the coming middle and high schools
  • Directed funding to manage stormwater issues in the East Fork Line Creek area
  • Built curbs and sidewalks throughout the 2nd District
  • Met with more than 50 community groups and hosted quarterly “Donuts with Dan” meetings to be an accountable public official, and promote transparency in government
  • Informed his constituents on new policies, procedures, and ordinances
  • Increased the number of code enforcers in the Northland, helping to keep our neighborhoods safe and clean
  • Brought a major CVS Distribution Center, helping create hundreds of jobs
  • Led the fight against blight in the Northland, including holding non-resident landlords accountable to provide safe, healthy housing in our neighborhoods
  • Voted YES (only Northland Councilperson to do so) on the MOU, to advance construction of the KCI New Terminal project



Jobs are vital to Kansas City’s future. With its rapidly developing infrastructure, the city is ideally suited to encourage high-tech manufacturing, distribution and warehousing. Kansas City is a national center for transportation and there are many opportunities for business development near the KCI airport and surrounding areas.

With the development of these business arenas, it is important that the city partner with its educational institutions to prepare the next generation to compete for and fill these high-demand positions.

To promote jobs, it is also necessary to improve public transportation in the Northland with better roads and bridges and increase access to public and other types of transportation.


Building, protecting and revitalizing our neighborhoods will continue to be one of my highest priorities. Strong and safe neighborhoods are the foundation of our great city. I have provided funding for neighborhood revitalization efforts, including minor home repair, new sidewalks, and mitigating stormwater issues.

In order to provide sustainable neighborhoods that will attract families to the Northland, I have worked directly with Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), code enforcement, health department, and the fire department to address blight at Englewood Apartments, Waukmois Drive, and the old hotel at I-29.

As your Councilman, I will continue to work with both public and private sectors as well as the nonprofit community to encourage neighborhood-minded development.


As a small business owner myself, I understand that one of the largest barriers to development in Kansas City is the permit process. We need to let developers and those bringing industry to the city know that we are “open for business”. I have sponsored ordinances specifically designed to streamline the development and permitting process.

I have also fought against bad development plans in the Northland that were detrimental to our neighborhoods.

As your representative I will continue to work with City Council and city staff to help remove these barriers to development and promote good, sustainable development.



We must continue to work with law enforcement to understand and reduce crime in our region and improve response times for police and fire protection.

During my first term, the City completed construction on a new police station near Prairie View Road. I take great pride in working with the police officers in the 2nd District to improve and build upon relationships between the police and the community. I use this station’s community room for my quarterly Donuts with Dan meetings.

Working with KCPD, we have addressed some of the causes of crime and funded better, more efficient law enforcement systems.

I will continue to work strenuously along these lines to improve the quality of life in the Northland.

Neighborhood Connections

The 2nd District has a thriving trail system that allows neighborhoods to be connected with their surrounding communities. I was a proud supporter of the Platte Purchase Redevelopment District, which pays for and maintains the new trail system around Costco and the upcoming middle and high schools.

I’ve also worked to extend the trail system and improve our park system in the Northland.


My goal is to increase workforce training in the Northland. As businesses such as Costco, CVS and Menards expand into our region, in addition to the KCI New Terminal project, we must agressively partner with school districts and educational institutions to expand job training opportunities so our residents can fill these employment needs.

I’ve worked closely with Northland school district leadership to build the new Hopewell Elementary School, Lead Education Center, and paved the way for a new middle school and high school north of Highway 152.

In addition to increased job training opportunities, I will continue to meet directly with community members and provide information on new city ordinances and ballot initiatives.

Dan’s Supporters